Dax the Dancing Wolf (wolfwithdances) wrote,
Dax the Dancing Wolf

My politics, at the moment

I call myself a libertarian-leaning Democrat.

I believe in LGBT marriages and anti-discrimination policies, and am pro-choice. Those aren't negotiable. I do see both sides of the gun control debate, and don't feel strongly either way. Drug policies should be left up to the states, as far as I'm concerned—that would allow some states the extra tax income and freedom while leaving some drug-free zones for those who want it.

I could also go either way on government size. Government can work when small and cheap, or large and generous, or some of each. That factors into tax rates, which work both high or low, but should be more progressive either way. The economic disparity is pretty ridiculous.

Generally speaking the government is spending too much on defense and not enough on science and education. If we can't keep up with science and education, we don't have to worry about defense--nobody will want us anyway.

We need to balance the national budget and fix Medicare and Social Security, but it'll take at least a decade, and any faster might hurt more than it helps.

I can see myself voting conservative one day, but not with this crowd of jerks. Show me a sane libertarian-leaning Republican and I'd consider it. :)

So those are my thoughts. I'm sure yours are equally valid and I'm very curious to read them. Comment below!


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