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Dogs and cats

WARNING: This may disgust you, but it's worth watching... even if you don't watch it, it still exists. It's about the dog and cat meat market in China, and legislative efforts to prohibit their slaughter as food.


When I was young, we got a fish tank that we kept in the dining room. Whenever my mom would cook fish, my brother would say "don't look"... and pretend to hide the fish from their pan-fried bretheren.


Part of the reason I call myself vegetarian is that raising meat takes an awful lot of energy, water, and food, which can make it less sustainable than other choices. Yes, by the way, I know that raising vegetables and grain does kill things, and even the livestock industry can be smarter about it. Howver, as far as I can tell, on the whole, eating local vegetables is the least wasteful way to eat.

But part of the reason is that I've always felt that the difference between animals we love and animals we eat has been largely arbitrary, and that it's a little hypocritical. Why do we eat chickens and keep parrots, or eat pigs and keep dogs and cats, or eat tuna and keep goldfish? Not everyone has that kind of moral dilemma, but I solved mine by trying to keep my meat intake close to zero.

I don't claim that meat is murder, and in fact, I think it's rather tasty. (I admit to "cheating" every once in a while.) This is also why I'd rather eat meat than throw it away, and why I'm willing to compromise when eating with my family (or in groups, et al). I don't care if YOU eat meat, but this is what I think about whenever I order the same veggie sandwich over and over, and this is why I hate it when YOU say "oh, he's not REALLY vegetarian". Because this is what I think about ALL the time, and why I make the decisions I do.


Sorry to get on a soapbox. I try very hard not to be snobby, or to preach, or to push my choices onto others. But every once in a while I have to let it out.
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Four years back - a journal excerpt

I dug out my old paper journal. It's fun flipping through and seeing what life was like four years ago. I figure that, given how life has turned out, this might be worth posting. This is from February 3, 2006.

"At first, when I talked to Mom and Dad about going to FC [2006], I presented it as going to San Francisco—a mistake, as it turns out. So I bit the bullet and told Dad everything about the con. He looked accepting, and was silent for most of the time; then he smiled and asked "you're not going to wear one of those big animal costumes, are you?" I looked straight into his eyes for a good ten seconds before answering "well, not this time."

New job!


...I have a job offer letter I'm going to be sending in today. Yeah, it's Google.

I'm actually really reluctant to leave my current job, because I know that at my current job I have some security and they like me, and I have a very good feeling that the product at my current job is going to take off and be very successful, eventually. But the compensation increase is very significant, and more importantly I'd get a chance to actually learn from my co-workers (right now I'm the most senior person on my team, and the projects aren't ones that I can learn and grow on my own).

I've let a lot of things FurEvent, and my FC writeup, and such like that...but the whole job moving thing is rather big, and I feel like it's not a terrible thing to let those slip.

So yes. No promises, but hopefully more to come soon.
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Dammit! Now I have a Fandango ticket for Avatar today at 7pm that I'm not going to use if nobody else I know is going. It's not even worth the extra hour of driving + gas to get a refund. Oh well, $20 gone.

I had a really great weekend at Fairyland, and I'm trying not to let this $20 annoyance bother me, but it does.

Sorry for the rant.


Life update

need to update that antivirus> Sick today. Yesterday I was 102.2°, and today I was 100.6° while medicated. Runny nose, splitting headache, other things. Suffice it to say, life is ugh. I even had to have them destroy my platelet donation from Saturday, which kinda sucks, but fair--I don't want someone immunocompromised getting sicker because my pride or laziness got in the way.

australia> Though one of the things I'm really looking forward to is this trip to Australia coming up next weekend (12/6 to 12/16). I get to go with my girl, I get to stay with a friend (Jo3hn), and I get to swing dance on Friday night Down Under! Plus, this is my first chance to get away since, well, the end of May this year. So, it's been six months. Far too long not to take a vacation day, but I set myself up for it.

insurance> In case you didn't know, I backed into one of the many Berkeley Priuses about two weeks ago, and the woman with whom I've been dealing is impatient, rude, whiny, and unwilling to read the very clear legally-sound emails that I've written to her about these proceedings. (tarah_rosemoon , I feel for you especially a lot right now.) The damage is not much--it may not even exceed $750--but I made the mistake of offering her a private assurance outside my insurance ($60 for gas in lieu of a rental car), which she's taking advantage of even though I was operating generously on bad information I received from the AAA claims rep. I try to be polite and kind to everyone I talk to, but that willingness ran out about 10 minutes ago. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass. Emails may be posted, locked, here later if she continues to be a thorn in my side.

furevent> Has been talked to death. I won't repeat anything here, but suffice it to say it hasn't fallen off my radar, and I will continue updates to furevent .

enough bitching> Time to feel better, hopefully.